Charge battery of NX200 via USB?

Started Mar 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
swhs Regular Member • Posts: 113
Re: Charge battery of NX200 via USB?

bobskoot wrote:


The Samsung BP-1030 is a double cell Lithium Ion battery @ 7.4V

USB can only charge single cell 3.6 Volts

and USB only ouputs 5 v

so your battery cannot be charged via USB


This is a nonsense answer. Haven't you heard about voltage transformers? For AC it's obvious this happens everywhere in your house, but for DC it's also possible. You can get any voltage you want from any other voltage.

So the issue is only this: Does the NX200 have a USB battery charging circuit in the camera? I don't know, but if  it doesn't work with the included USB data cable, then probably not...

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