Has Israel got a bullying licence from God & the US?

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Re: Try to look from a different perspective.

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“Israeli soldiers raided the offices of three civil society organizations on Tuesday in the heart of Ramallah, the de facto Palestinian capital in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

"Entering before dawn, troops wrenched open the doors of the Women's Union confiscating five computers from the latter group. The sweeps were the first of their kind in a Palestinian city since the West Bank government won an initiative at the United Nations General Assembly on November 29 which recognized a de facto Palestinian state”

Read more: http://times247.com/articles/israel-confiscates-computers-in-raid-on-palestinians#ixzz2Emz0fSpA


Let's see, your profile says that you live in Perth. Right?

Imagine that the indigenous Whadjugs who had lived in Perth prior to your ancestors taking over the land,

Bad analogy, my ancestors did not live here or take anything, besides the aborigines here, we are all migrants or children of migrants.

By the twentieth century The Whadjugs were habitually launching terrorist attacks on Perth including launching rockets into your neighborhood. Of course they would justify it by claiming your Perth neighborhood had been part of their homeland. Maybe a few of your favorite relatives get killed.

Very bad analogy, we Australian citizens are free to live and go where we want, no one has to go through check point to check his ID as he goes about his daily activities. None of us live in a big prison with no or minimum rights.

Go back in history you will see, people who are forced to live under occupation do resort to terrorist attacks.

Some right wing Israelites themselves conducted terrorist attacks against the British under the British rule, so what was good for the goose is good for the gander.

As predicted, you completely missed the point.

It was a hypothetical (hence the word "imagine")

I was asking you to imagine, how you might "feel".

Nice to know that nothing was taken from the Aborigines........I suppose that they are al living on their native lands with full ownership rights...

Interesting how folks justify their anti-Antisemitism......

That's where your credibility rating hopelessly drops to minus zero and you can't be taken seriously when you use the master key Anti-Semitism to padlock any criticism of Israel apartheid system. Are you aware, there are Israel citizens living in Israel who are against the injustice the Palestinians are subjected to? What are they Anti-Semites too? Raid on people houses, confiscating their property? When do you think those you are defending learnt that? The Geatapo, the SS were doing the same thing to Jews across Europe.

Criticism accepted.

I've reviewed your posting history.

You are merely anti-Israel.

And since Israel is a Jewish State, I wrongly assumed that you might have some latent anti-Semitic tendencies. If not, my apologies. Your views seem in line with that of the Australian Government.



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