CamRanger Wireless Control Using iPad iPhone or iPod Touch

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Re: CamRanger Wireless Control Using iPad iPhone or iPod Touch

I just received my CamRanger yesterday. This thing is VERY cool.

Yes, it's pricey. But in the long run it seems certain to help me in those situations where I need to see the image more clearly than on the back of the camera (I've started dabbling in real estate photography).

It didn't take long to set up (I did have to send an email to the company to get something clarified and they responded immediately). I used it yesterday and today doing test shots in my own home.

The interface is very intuitive and allows you to control almost every aspect of your camera, from shutter speed, f/stop, white balance, you name it. It has a timer and even a simple HDR function.

I walked all around the house with it, including upstairs (leaving the camera downstairs) and was able to completely control the camera with no drop in the wi-fi signal.

I have a Nikon d700 and a generation 1 iPad. The older iPads apparently don't have enough memory to display the larger image sizes. But that wasn't a problem at all. For what I'm doing, the medium or small image size is fine. I shot RAW+Basic and the JPG's download within a few seconds.

For those that really need to see their images immediately on something larger than a small LCD screen, this seems to be a great (if pricey) solution.

Granted, I've only used it for a day or so. But so far, this looks like something I've long wished for.

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