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Re: 2 questions about V1- fast teles

D300SandV1shooter wrote:

Billx08 wrote:

andrbar wrote:

. . .

A question: is it possible to store this kind of lens always attached to the FT1, and to fix both on the V1 when needed?

Yes, as long as you have a 1-Series rear lens cap attached to the FT1. Since the FT1 has no optical elements, the rear of the lens would otherwise be exposed to dust from the air if the rear lens cap wasn't used.

When the FT1 isn't being used, I also add a regular DSLR body cap to the front of the FT1, but it's probably not really necessary if it's stored in a clean, lint/dust free bag.

Should be safe to breathe on an FT1 though, unlike with a lens.

Ooh yeah, and then if I had eaten a sandwich with peppers and garlic, I'd need to clean both my mouth and the FT1 with a toothbrush, and let the lens suffer its fate.

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