Fuji X-E1 White Balance Concerns

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Re: Fuji X-E1 White Balance Concerns

Have I got this right (your details are confusing - NegS - Neg Std.??) you are using film simulation mode and you wonder why AWB is not delivering pure whites or other 'natural' looking colours?

If the answer is 'yes' ... then reset to default image settings. If you don't want 'colourization' - for want of a better phrase - then why choose a film simulation mode ...???

Fuji states Neg Std = "A soft-toned palette. The range of hues available for skin tones is enhanced, making this a good choice for studio portrait photography."

Or, generally speaking - a 'human', warmer tone ... suited to red/yellow end of spectrum ... not blues or neutral colours.

If by any chance I've misunderstood your dilemma, I'd still suggest a reset to default values ... you may have selected yet another image option inadvertently that is screwing with AWB.

If you are not using continuous default settings - in order to isolate a potential cause - then why are you accusing the camera of screwing things up? Only does what it is told ....

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