NEX 6 Hybrid focus vs Nikon V1 PDAF

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Re: NEX 6 Hybrid focus vs Nikon V1 PDAF

Bstevs wrote:

Which is better? Is there a big difference? I posted this in NEX forum too to get both sides and rule out bias.

This is a very good question! I know for sure that Nikon uses their own patented and (apparently unique),  design for on-sensor phase detection focusing. I know Sony has been working on this technology for some time, but so far I have not seen any reviewer praise it as the equal to that used in the Nikon 1 system cameras though.

This is what a CNET reviewer of the Sony NEX 5R said about the focusing speed of the NEX- 5R with the new hybrid focusing:

"The 5R performs a bit better than the 5N; that is, sufficiently fast but not exceptionally speedy."-  by Lori Grunin

This is what DPR has said about the Sony on-sensor PDAF. No doubt it is not their last words on the subject though.

"How well these advantages might be realized in practice, though, is unclear from the pre-production example we've used for this preview. -DPR

The evidence so far suggests that no other manufacturer has been able to match the Nikon 1 system cameras for speed, accuracy and moving subject tracking. If this is so, then I don't think Nikon has been given enough credit for what they have accomplished with their on-sensor PDAF design.

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