GH3 Location Logging?

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Re: GH3 Location Logging?

Andrew wrote:

Just shooting in the dark here but have you looked at your EXIF information? It should be displayed there. I haven't tried this function yet but it should also be picked up in LR4 if you've imported the picture to a catalog.

Now here's my'd you go about setting up the function?


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Okay, I got it.  What was confusing me is that it doesn't seem to work with images shot with the remote control app ... or at least I haven't figured that part out.

So here's how it works:

1. Shoot pics with camera;

2. Connect camera to Lumix Link app on your phone/tablet;

3. Go to the location logging screen and click, "Send location data";

4. You should see a message on the camera's monitor saying location data received;

5. Disconnect the wifi connection;

6. Go to the camera's play menu and select "Location Logging";

7. Click "Add Location Data".

You should get a message saying that the data was written.

Now, when you go to the play menu, you should see "GPS" at the top center of your pics.  When I view the pics in Adobe Bridge I can see the GPS info. displayed in the information window.

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