CANON G2X Wish list

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Oly Canikon
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Re: basically you are asking for an S100 X, albeit w/ larger sensor

Robert Garcia NYC wrote:

Roy2001 wrote:

G2X wishlist:

1. Much better AF.

2. Full manual video shooting with better AF.

3. Smaller sensor with less pixels to make lens to reach f2.0.

A smaller sensor would be a step backwards. It would be a different camera line like a G15. The G1X's "reason for being" is the large sensor, why go back? A faster lens would compensate but why not put both, large sensor and fast lens on our wish list

Less pixels??? Another step in the wrong direction. Let's ask for more resolution, not less, along with better DR and lower noise.

4. 100% Optical view finder

5. Fast performance

6. 16mb internal memory

For what purpose? In case you forget your memory card? Not a bad idea, the early digicams had internal memory. Or did you have some other purpose in mind?

7. film mode simulations like the fuji's

8. bounce flash like the sony's

9. NEW and improved sensor

: )

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