DxOMark hints at upcoming Sony A99 score

Started Dec 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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This is how it works

They defined the sports score as the true maximum iso value where the s/n ratio is at least 30db with at least 9 EV Dynamic range.

Since the S/N demand is the heaviest of both, this is the one to look at in the graphs.

It means if you use a D600, although true iso is lower (2980), the camera will reach S/N of 30 when it shows an iso value a bit above 3200.

The k5IIs shows a little under iso 1600 when the 30db limit is reached (though they report 1208 as a true limit). To compare it with a Sony A77, that one should have a true limit of iso 800, however, the camera will show you iso 1000 or so.

You may argue about the validity of the 30 Db limit. If you focus on S/N limits, you will always have at least 10 EV available.
If however you could accept EV= 9 as the minimum (the other DxO limit) in low light sports, you can use a true iso of 4000 on the K5IIs, a bit over than 6400 on the D600 and 1600 on the A77.


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