DSLR or Mirrorless - can four third lenses be as good?

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Background blur (Bokeh) with mFT lenses

Here is a paragraph that I found under the Panasonic 20mm F1.7 lens review:

These samples also demonstrate that, while the 20mm F1.7 gives a fair degree of background blur (and will undoubtedly delight users coming from compacts with near-infinite depth of field), it struggles to match SLR systems. This is because background blur and depth of field are fundamentally dependent upon the size of the entrance pupil (the apparent size of the aperture as seen through the front element), which is about 11.8mm compared to 27.8mm for a 50mm F1.8. Ultimately the 20mm F1.7 gives similar results in this regard to a 27mm F2.2 lens on APS-C, or a 40mm F3.5 on full frame (of course it still does better than more directly comparable lenses such as the Olympus 17mm F2.8 pancake, or the 24mm F2.8 of the Sigma DP2).

So is it fair to say that smaller sensors have the disadvantage of narrower entrance pupil, and therefore, an inferior DOF and Background Blur comparing to full frames or even APS-C's?

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