Powershot 110 or wait until next year?

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Re: Powershot 110 or wait until next year?

PaulRivers wrote:

s100new wrote:

Starshot wrote:

I'm not talking about the s110.. just the elph 110

Well, there are S110, and there are Elph 110. I would definitely have added 'Elph" right before "110" and in the subject line of the thread, so that others know I am taking about just the Elph 110, and I am not talking about S110


To answer the question, most of canon's super compacts have been pretty much identical in the last couple of years, so there's no pressing reason to wait.

On the other hand, if you're buying the Elph 110hs, and not the s100/s110, then the question is whether you own a smartphone, as for a lot of pics a good smartphone camera will take almost as good of pictures, be a lot more portable, and always be with you. (Yes, if you don't already own a smartphone it's probably not worth it, it just is if you already own one).

There is no comparison between a good compact and a cellphone.

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