OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Re: OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Jorginho wrote:

So its up to you! I have both sort of (Gh2 which has the same sensor as G5)

Well, sure, if you mean they're both flat and they gather light and then deal with it electronically, then I guess they're the same.

From the GH2 review (March, 2011), "New sensor - multi-aspect Live MOS with 18.3 million total pixels"

From the G5 preview, "Under the hood, the G5's 'newly developed' 16MP Live MOS sensor is what Panasonic calls a 'digital sensor' with some of the processing happening on the chip itself."

Huh - wonder why DPReview put 'newly developed' in quotes. Could it be because they doubt the sensor is actually a new sensor. In other words, that they're calling attention to the fact that Panasonic isn't claiming the G5's sensor is a brand new sensor?

I bet it is, because that appears to be the case. See here, for instance:

Confirmed: Panasonic G5 Uses the GH2 Sensor with Multi-Aspect Disabled

Might want to save your snark for things you're better informed about.


From DxOMark, "Panasonic coins the G5’s sensor as ‘digital’ Live MOS, and claims this new chip gives the camera an improved low light performance over its more dated sibling."


I take the term "new chip" to mean "new." But of course manufacturers have mislead consumers before.

I'll make it real simple like for you. There are many more similarities between the GH2 and G5 sensors than just that they're 'both flat and the gather light'. Enough similarities that a number of well-informed experts consider the G5 sensor to be an updated version of the GH2 sensor. Even DPReview puts 'newly developed' in quotes.

In short, you probably weren't aware of it at the time, but your statement was facile and uninformed. My suggestion would be that you drop this line of argument. Right now, it looks like you made an uninformed statement. Best to quit while you're ahead, before it starts to look like you're defending an obviously questionable statement. In this case, ignorance is a reasonable defense. Now that you're no longer ignorant, you don't have much of a defense.


Well, if you want me to quit, I'll quit. Anything else?

Your call. You're welcome to continue to argue that there are no similarities between the GH2 and G5 sensors, other than that both are 'flat and gather light,' with the in-quotes 'newly developed [sensor]' statement from DPReview and a statement from DXOLabs, whose writers' first language isn't English, and whose diminished facility with the English language is well-known, as your only supporting evidence.

I certainly wouldn't.


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