NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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I agree, still one question

jtoolman wrote:

I would just do what I have always done. Once I find a paper printer compo that works really well. I totally disregard others that do not. It appears that that papers is simply very finicky and frankly I do not have to time nor the money to waste on combinations that do not work well.

If you have to decurl you corners before printing, that is a deal killer for me. Unless that paper produces results so much superior to others, only that would warrant me having to "massage" it and "coddle" it in order for it to work.


I agree with you, I have to try and then choose, and if the real difference in the prints is not enough to justify the hassle I will drop the tricky papers once I finish my box.

I have another question (not strictly related to the trays):

Today I was to the point to keep the printer, but, after that, I launched a print with the paper in the top sheet tray and, for a long time before starting to print, there were a lot of rumors (similar to the ones done during the initial ink pumping after first cartridges insertion) coming from the printer. after that it refused to print from the sheet tray. I loaded the front tray and launched the print again and to my surprise after starting to print (one inch of printed image) the printer feeded the paper out without ending the print and without showing errors on screen or on the printer montor.

It was a 16 bit high resolution image with some layers and I was on limit of PC memory probably, but not sure if this could be the cause, and in any case there were no error (low memory) on screen or on printer pointing to this.

I powered the printer off and on, flattened and saved the image and restarted the PC. after that the print was done correctly (from front tray).

Do you have any opinion that could help to explain this behaviour?

Do you have ever experienced the delay in the print and the "pumping" noises? it is normal?

Many thanks in advance.


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