I Highly consider VG-30 body, want to know its noise and DR performance in video...

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Re: In Camera audio on NEX-6 using Sony XLR-K1M (800$) Expensive but possible!


To learn more about Professional Audio Options of the Multi Interface Hotshoe from the NEX-6 click here.


The XLR Microphone adapter that is compatible with the NEX-6 is the XLR-K1M (800$) so its very expensive. Lets hope there will be other 3rd party companies that will release a similar adapter at a more affordable price point.


Thanks, however the Nex 5n or 6 will be a supplementary camera to the VG30 or VG20 (or both) dual kit, to form a 3 camera team for professional projects... The small camera will always be on tripod with a WA prime fitted on it, to shoot some additional scenes for final montage, it will be the VGs that will be mobile and sound will be recorded by them... What I am mainly interesting on, is how the VGs video compares with the 5n/6 image and how good all of them are in DR and low light noise... VG 900 is not in my plans, I want aps-c size sensor cameras only... In the rare case that we will need a FF sensor for ultra shallow DOF or UWA lens use, it will be only temporary and I can use one of my Nikon FF DSLRs... Any experience on DR and LL performance will be highly appreciated...


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