DSLR or Mirrorless - can four third lenses be as good?

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there are four-thirds lenses, and then there are micro four-thirds lenses. first is a DSLR lens line, and the latter is a mirrorless standard. you can use the former on m43 bodies with an adapter, but usually with much slower focus speeds (everything works fine otherwise). needless to say, they are a bit off-balance on a m43 body.

four-thirds lenses, the high grade line and especially the super high grade line, are very good lenses indeed. in comparison, the m43 lineup is not as broad in terms of high quality lenses, but there are a few good ones, mostly prime lenses such as the 2.0/12, 1.4/25, 1.8/45, 2.8/45 and 1.8/75.

the problem four-thirds DSLRs faced was that the lenses were very high quality, but in general the bodies were not up to the task of extracting the fullest performance of the lenses and often lagged behind the competition. now Olympus and Panasonic has practically abandoned four-thirds to focus on m43... maybe in the future we'll see a m43 body that can use the superb four-thirds lenses properly.

you should figure out what is most important to you and prioritize your needs. a D600 will allow you to use lenses such as the 1.8/85 or 1.4/85 and achieve very shallow DOF and great subject isolation. it's great for portraits. m43 lenses can do similar, but the DOF and isolation won't be as pronounced due to the sensor size and lens availability... and to get similar results as on the D600, you'll probably have to spend more on the m43 lens.

so if you are seriously considering portraiture then I'd suggest the D600 with a Nikkor 1.8/85. if you are looking to do lots of videography, the GH3 is perhaps the best body for this.

That's a very helpful answer. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

Would you also recommend an equivalent m43 lens to the 1.8/85 or 1.4/85? of course if you already have something in mind. There are different lenses from Leica, Lumix, and I think even Sigma. I would appreciate it!

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