Canon 6D Dominates in Low Light Focusing Test vs 5Diii vs 5Dii vs Nikon D600

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Re: Also funny

lali wrote:

brightcolours wrote:

I do take that into account, you however seem to be taking it out of context! "not reliable" refers to the D600 colour balance, and in particular the saturation being lower on the D600, making the chroma noise look worse in the Canon samples.

So, this "unreliability" you are referring to in fact is favoring the D600!

So it is kinda naive to blindly follow what Tuccillo linked to (no RAW conversion samples AT ALL, just the silly old DXO nonsense), just because it suits your favorite, and then try and dismiss the samples I linked to because they are "unreliable", while in fact that very unreliability will favor the D600 crops.

Not taking blindly anything and im not really interested in any of those 2 cameras, thing is you still insist upon the validity of your link even though the author stated that he used a tool not really compatible with 6d & D600 and even though he made a somewhat upgrade for the 6d he didn't do anything for the other camera.

ANd the "upgrade" resulted in more saturated colours, which then will put the non-"upgraded" D600 samples in an advantage (chroma noise seems lower when you have a less saturated sample).

So, while for both the 6D and D600 sensor specific changes by the author of DCRAW have not been made, clearly the 6D does very well in high ISO. And the D600, seems to do a little less (but offers a bit higher resolution too).

You clearly want to avoid giving in, like the trolling Mark above. But that is ok

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