as an owner of an DMC FZ 200...

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Re: as an owner of an DMC FZ 200...

Well, it would depend on the friend.  If they are used to DLSR results, I'd warn them about the smaller sensor, but also point out that the camera is much easier to carry around and much cheaper in the long run than a system camera.  In many cases, DLSR users are more photography savvy anyway, so I'd expect them to be satisfied with the camera.

Turn around to the average person who has been using a camera the size of a pack of cigarettes and who hasn't even tried to figure out the settings on THAT camera.  For them, I'd say forget it.  This camera takes someone willing to take the time with it.  If they are never going to open a manual, check out the 1001 combinations of settings, etc., they will more than likely be overwhelmed.  In addition, many times these same users expect the camera to do ALL their work and not look at the scene with the eyes of a photographer and understand what is needed out of the camera before hitting that button.  This camera does a LOT to handle that in the IA modes, but cannot properly handle everything that is thrown its way.  I think that kind of user would be happiest with the thing that they've been using or something not too much different.  Heck, I saw a review of someone who had a similar zoom to this and didn't like the different menus on this from what they had.....

I have a TON of friends in that category.

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