Flash gun for K-30?

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Re: Flash gun for K-30?

paulc wrote:.

Hello - I have a question on the Metz compatibility. I have the 54MZ3 with the 3702 adapter from the K10D days. I have recently purchased the K-30. My attempts to get the flash to fire in any mode have failed. Should it work in the auto-mode ?

I don't have access to a K-30 body so my reply can be off.

A question first: what version is your 3702? From what I know, only version M3 supports p-TTL (now HSS nor wireless, however). Version M2 can be updated (free of charge I think) by Metz Service Center. Version M can not be updated. All versions of 3702 supports manual and "smart" auto mode on a Pentax DSLR body.

A few more questions so I understand the situation: I'm not sure I understand "My attempts to get the flash to fire in any mode have failed." Does the flash fire at all? Does it fire when attached to any other camera (try with a film camera if you don't have access to another DSLR)? If it doesn't fire by a camera, does it fire when you push the "Test" button? Do you have any other SCA module (doesn't need to be 3702, even a module in series SCA300 module is fine) to try? What's the shutter speed on the K-30 (it should be 1/180 sec or slower)?

From what I know, a 54MZ-3 with SCA3702 module (any version) should work in auto and manual modes.

Please post back.

FYI, I also use my 54MZ-3 with SCA3702-M (and SCA3402 - for Nikon) on Canon G5, Ricoh GX200 and Ricoh GXR, the auto mode is not "smart" (I have to match ISO and aperture settings) but the setup works just find.

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