Newbie question - Lens for Fuji X-E1

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Re: Newbie question - Lens for Fuji X-E1

But to be fair, if the OP has ONE lens, and wants to do landscape and portraits, it would be hard to beat the 18-55 because of the flexibility it offers. The artificial pixel-peeping testing I've done with the OIS on the 18-55 genuinely supports the 4-stop advantage (vs same lens with OIS off) so the aperture advantage of the 35mm is reduced for STILL subjects, but the 35mm would still give you less motion blur if that's likely in the scene.

I thought the built-in flash would be a plus-point for the X-E1 I chose over the OM-D E-M5, but I've never actually needed to use the flash which says quite a lot about the 18-55 / OIS and X-E1 high ISO performance.  E.g. here's the most recent shot - nothing special, just an example shot in natural light inside a fairly dim and cosy pub with the camera choosing F2.8, 1/30s and pushing the ISO up to 2000 (I have Auto-ISO 6400).

For original see here (Note that if you pixel-peep you will be looking at a picture something like four feet across, so keep that in mind...)

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