A Christmas gift for someone you hate!

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Oly Canikon
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Re: A Christmas gift for someone you hate!

lanef wrote:

Oly Canikon wrote:

lanef wrote:

I have Win 8 on my new PC and the more I use it the more I love it, can't see myself going back to Win 7.

What do you see that is better about W8 compared to W7? Are you using a touch screen?

If you are using a non touch screen are you using an after market program like start8?

Yes, and I find Win 8 faster, and I like to be able to have a bit of both worlds, PC programs and apps.

I'm finding the same but it really bugs me that you have to install an add on to make it as usable as W7. Anyone using it out of the box on a non-touch system probably hates it (I did).

I was absolutely sure that your positive review meant that you were using Start8 or similar. Either that or I was totally missing something, which is why I asked.


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