My biggest gripe with the Nex-6...

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Re: My biggest gripe with the Nex-6...

Nate Dogg wrote:

InspecterJones wrote:

They switched it to micro usb (which is very convenient) but then made the decision that the camera should be charged through it.

Now, this might seem better for some of you that get irritated by having to remove the battery to charge but I'm incredibly frustrated by it. You have to be a million times more careful now when charging as the camera has to sit there to be charged. It also reduces the life of the camera as micro usb ports tend to wear out after extended use, as every cellphone over a year old can attest.

I realize the answer is a simple one: just buy a regular wall charger, but that adds an extra step and extra cost to my camera purchase.

I'm not complaining that Sony added the ability to charge over usb, it can be quite useful, I just wish they included a regular battery charger like they do with every other camera.

Aside from that, this is an amazing upgrade over the 5n.

If you're upgrading from a 5N, then why not use the charger that came with that camera (which is what I'm doing)? I'm assuming you sold it.

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Yea I'm in the process of selling my 5n and the 16-50mm powerzoom.

It was the only way I could make sense to upgrade.

Wish I could keep the zoom.

egarc wrote:

I bought a second battery and Sony charger. Yeah, it's an added expense but the camera needs a second battery because it drains the battery faster than the 5n. The in-camera charging also allows you to use a portable power pack to charge the camera between shooting.

I have no regrets because this camera is worth it. It feels good to shoot all day and not feel like you're going to run out of power.

Maybe I'll have to do this also, hopefully Craigslist will be nice to me.

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