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My impression is that PN can keep more than one image active, but that it slows the program markedly. The official release notes recommend against doing so. If this represents a design flaw, then so be it. As always, the user has to work within the constraints of the software.

It is exactly the same with Photosop CS5/6 - open too many concurrent windows and the process eats up too much memory causing the app to slow down. That does not seem like a design flaw to me, only users using the program in a manner that it was not designed for.

Is exdeejjjaaaa suggesting that this is a design flaw in Photoshop as well? It seems like strange argument to me. Use the software as it was designed to be used.

Funny - I just processed 15 images open together in CS6 on my meager machine (quad/4GB memory) and it ran just fine.. that was with Indesign and firefox open as well...

It is possible that CS6 performs better with multiple open image files, but all prior versions that I have used slowed to a crawl under such conditions. I will be working in CS6 today and will put it to the test.


I decided to test memory usage in PN vs. CS6 by opening the same 3 raw files.  On my 8 gig Macbook Pro there was 2.51 gig of ram free after opening the 3 .NEF files in CS6 and 1.44 gig free in PN.  So, it does appear that CS6 has much better memory management however I don't edit 3 photos at a time so that factor is irrelevant to me.  It may matter to others though.

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