Anyone have success in Gigabit transfers with Crossover Cable?

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Thomas Karlmann
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Re: Anyone have success in Gigabit transfers with Crossover Cable?

joey_B wrote:

Thomas Karlmann wrote:

Jen Yates wrote:

How are you allocating IPs and subnet? Are they still set to use DHCP?

If these terms are unfamiliar to you then learning about them is your solution.

Yes and yes. Anything wrong with DHCP?

Not in general, but in a p2p setup it won't work. It relies on a DHCP server to automatically assign IP-adresses and make PC's discoverable. A router has this functionality built in.

Most likely your p2p setup will not have a DHCP server running on one of the PC's, so you would HAVE to assign IP adresses manually.

Sorry, I was confusing DHCP with the HD-type structure.  On my older wired router I have DHCP -- not sure if its used -- but this is definitely NOT in this loop.

Yes, I did assign the addresses manually per this video:

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