Rokinon 35f1.4 versus Sigma 30f1.4

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Re: Rokinon 35f1.4 versus Sigma 30f1.4

Suave wrote:

davidgp wrote:

Suave wrote:

But I thought Sigma and Rokinon cost roughly the same?

Sorry, my bad, I thought you were referring to the new Sigma 35f1.4 that the prior poster referenced.

So you'd go for the Sigma 30... is it the manual focus/aperture that turns you off? Do you have any expereince with the Sigma? If so, has the edge softness been a problem.


Yes, I am not a huge fan of manual focus for stills. I can do it and I have a few manual lenses I toy with but it's mostly for fun. I would not want to go a take 100-200 shots over an hour, which I occasionally do, all on manual.

Edge softness... yes I read all about it, but honestly I can not think of an instance where I would say - dang, these edges are soft and the shot is ruined. Edges are usually OOF anyway, and the larger the aperture the bigger the probability of that happening, I relatively rarely shoot wide open, and when I do I typically care more about getting focus right, and finally, I don't shoot much in situations where I care about side/corner action, and when I do I am typically stopped down.

Thanks that's very useful... one last question if I may... I tend to place my object of focus somewhere around the third points in the frame.  Do you do this as well and do you find that the Sigma's sharpness is excellent at those locations?


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