Sony contacted me about A99's poor video IQ

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Re: Sony contacted me about A99's poor video IQ

EvilOne wrote:

Because Sony contacted you and seems to be serious about a fix..I suspect you have some sort of contact number.. you sent file to an email.. I would get Sony to back up your return window,, in other words, give you the option to return if they cant get this figured out in a reasonable amount of time... they are acknowledging there is a problem.. Make sure if you can get them to agree to this that you keep a good hard copy of that agreement. dated and signed etc... just a copy of the email would do but a hard copy in the event that some how your computer lost that email...

I wish I could wait, but it took 9 months for a FW update for the FS100 and about the same amount of time for the Nex7 update just to kill the video record button, I can't wait until May 2013 or so for a fix.  Sony is a big company, losing tons of money with a huge amount of debt, in the process of a massive reduction in its workforce and a dizzying portfolio of products to support.  It doesn't do small tweaks like Fuji or even periodic updates like Olympus - but those two don't have the lineup of a giant like Sony.  I don't know where the A99 ranks in terms of camera sales, but I think its safe to say its probably Sony's lowest volume camera.  Where that ranks in terms of updates is anybody's guess.

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