My "$99" Sigma 19mm NEX is arrived - slap me silly, very impressive

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Re: Good wide choice, but not for product photography

The thing is I don't really see much of a difference between the 18-55 and the two Sigmas in sharpness. If you look really hard on test shots (a brick wall for me) it's just about there with the 30mm, and with the 19mm on the LHS, but not the RHS which in my case is worse! I wonder if there's more variation amongst all these lenses than we think. Maybe I have a particularly good 18-55 kit lens. Maybe I've been unlucky with the Sigmas - I don't know - wish I did! In my real-life everyday shots they all look more or less the same to me. BTW I have the NEX5 - maybe the NEX7 is more discriminating.

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