Is there an advantage to the 1" sensor? Opinions requested.

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Another fine myth

Aasmund Midttun Godal wrote:

These days with 36mpx full frame, the sensor essentially captures everything that is there.

If this were true, then there would be no point in using a 1.4x or 1.7x TC with a D800 for any lens.  After all if the original lens cannot project any more resolution, then optically magnifying it would do nothing.  But there are real world benefits to using them with the better tele lenses even on the D800 (i.e., compared to not using them and just upsizing.)  What people confuse is "detail scales with pixel count" (i.e., 100% crops) vs. better/sharper output for a given amount of physical enlargement.  A D800e is not the limit but it's getting there.

"Better", higher resolution lenses have downsides,

True - they are expensive.

all the coatings and multiple lens elements, particularly in zooms, creates unnatural looking images.

Unnatural compared to what alternative?

if you want the most compact reasonable system for wildlife etc. go for a reasonable aps-c dslr dslt or mirorrless.

Alas there is no way to get high-resolution, high-contrast "reach" cheaply or everyone would be do it.   If you already have a 500mm f/4, then you could get a bit more detail  putting a V1 behind it vs. a D5100.   In that case, a V1 + adapter would be a reasonable approach.   But you do need to maximize the lens first.

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