Sony contacted me about A99's poor video IQ

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Re: Sony contacted me about A99's poor video IQ

photo chris wrote:

I got a call from a technician at Sony that's investigating the poor video performance of the A99. He was looking for samples of soft video that's been brought up here and other sites such as EOSHD. He asked me to upload some files so they could examine the raw video output and compare it to others they have collected. I gave them what I have already posted and some other stuff I shot.

Its nice to see the company is looking into the problem. The aliasing and moire are going to be a part of the A99's video no matter what, but hopefully the resolution is a codec problem and it can be improved. I wish they could make the fix before my return window closes. I'm shooting stills for an event this weekend - daytime, indoors, mixed lighting, big windows on one side of the room and a few hundred people - so it'll be a good environment to shoot more test video at various ISO's and a mix of shots from near macro at MFD to wides of the entire room.

Sadly, it looks like my A99 is heading to the refurb bin unless it decides to start rendering more detail. I hate to see it go as its 1/2 the perfect camera for me - I really don't want to lose the articulating LCD and the 24-70z. So disappointing. Sony is supposed to call me back to follow up. We'll see. Hopefully down the line others will benefit from a firmware update that improves video IQ.

Interesting that they called you.  Let me know if you need more soft samples; I've got lots of them from the a99 + 24-70 + 24mm F/2.

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