SEL85f18 supposedly coming soon!

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Re: SEL85f18 supposedly coming soon!

straylightrun wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

I don't know, 85/1.8 will be huge, think E24 size, and expensive, $800+.

If this rumoured 85/1.8 is as big as the Zeiss 24, then that is tiny. I will definitely get one.

85/1.8 is bound to be a fairly large lens.

I don't get why nobody at Sony can raise a hand and say "ummm ... 85 was really designed for FF and isn't necessarily the best choice for APS-C".  Just because they've always had 85mm lenses, so people *buy* 85mm lenses, the marketing drones think "hmmm, people must want 85mm lenses !"

Personally, I really enjoy using an 85mm lens on APS-C - I've had the Minolta 85/1.4 for my A700 and plan to pick up the 85/1.8G for my D7000.  But there's nothing intrinsically magical about that FL ... it's a 135mm equivalent (well, 127mm but close to that old classic) and can be a little long in tight spaces.  Portrait lenses were traditionally 85mm through 135mm (I know, you can shoot portraits with anything from a fisheye to a supertele) so you'd think that when designing a new lens from scratch for a new system with no FF concerns, you'd maybe do a 70mm, particularly when one of the selling points of this system is supposed to be compactness ?

35mm as a normal is slightly long.  Even if they wanted to do a 50mm equivalent, rather than, say, a 28mm or 30mm, then they'd want a 33mm lens.  The difference is miniscule, but why not design it that way and demonstrate a bit of intentional thought ?  50mm is a nowhere lens on APS-C.  If they wanted a short portrait prime, do like Fuji is doing and make it a 56mm.  How much harder can it be ?

Olympus and Fuji are at least thinking about what FLs buyers might want for their systems rather than just churning out the same FLs that were popular from film lineups.  (Yeah, I'm jumping the gun by assuming there's any truth to this rumor, but the fact that it's an 85 rather than something new lends credence to it, sadly).

- Dennis

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