Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

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Re: Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

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The OP is probably aware that photographers make photos etc... There are lenses that just make you go "Wow" looking at images. As much as some folks want to deny it, there is a reason why some lenses cost more. If I am going to attempt to represent professional quality, I want to be using one of those lenses. I want the equipment to match the effort.

No, that is where I fundamentally have to disagree with you. Lenses can be good, bad, or indifferent, but I have never seen a photograph where the lens made me say wow. I've seen lots of photographs, made with an incredible range of photographic equipment that did make me say wow or something similar, including work done with just about every kind of camera gear imaginable.

I'm not suggesting that decent gear is unimportant nor that all gear works the same - not that there are not reasons for price differences among lenses. What I am saying - emphatically - that you cannot create a wow effect (whatever that is) in a photograph by choosing to use some particular lens - any more that you can elicit a wow response to your cooking by using really, really cool cookware - or that you'll get a wow response to your skiing by using the world's most expensive skis.

If you aspire to eliciting a wow from your viewers and you are hoping to get their by choosing some particular lens, you are on the wrong track entirely.

For the record, I own good lenses, some of which might even make it onto the lists of so-called wow lenses. But I don't view them that way at all. They are appropriate tools for the photography I do and that is all.


No worries but I think you are arguing a point that nobody is disputing here. As just posted, the term WOW has hit a sensitive button. The age old equipment vs talent battle has shown up even when it is not needed.

The point of this thread is if you took the same photograph or scene with different lenses, which ones would make you go "wow" with the captured image? Simple concept and nothing to do with photographers.

And the answer is that no particular lens will make anyone say "wow" when they look at a photograph.

You Sir misunderstood the question and went great length to defend a position irrelevant to this thread. You just need to update the limited definition of "wow" in your aging dictionary with more flexible meanings. The question essentially was, "What are your favorite lenses?" Perhaps you like some more than others. Let's hear which.

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