What are my flash options like for my new NEX-6?

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Re: HVL-43AM

José B wrote:

muncungliar wrote:

José B wrote:

I got the HVL-43AM + of course the adaptor mainly because it can HSS.

InspecterJones wrote:

I started out with a 5 and then a 5n, I'm gonna get my 6 this week and have no idea where to start when it comes to flashes. The standard hotshoe means any flash will work? Should I stick to a Sony flash for any reason? Can I even use the Sony flashes or are there specific ones that I need to get?

I've been using a HVL-F20S with my 5n and have been pretty happy with it's results (aside from not being able to rotate it). It only cost me ~$100 but I get the feeling I won't be able to get the same kind of deal in this new format. I just blew a ton of cash on the 6 so I'm not exactly flush but need to get a flash for the holidays. I'd like to get one that's capable and not too expensive I guess, oh and compact would be awesome, but not a huge must.

Any guidance you fine fellows could provide would be awesome.

IMHO, when you use this kind of flash, you lost the "compactness" advantage of the camera as a trade-off with the power of the flash.
HVL-F20AM + adapter with sacrifice in flash power could provide a more compact option just like this one.

I totally agree, the F20AM was my first choice. However, it does not do HSS and to me that was a show stopper. So I got the smallest Sony that could do HSS, thus the F43AM.

Any chance you could give me a rundown on the importance of HSS?

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