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re spanx

i googled it..

first thing that comes is a PAID google adwords thing for Spanx.
I also get a lot of paid ads for jcp, amazon and others that DO advertise spanx. So if you can get your retailers to advertise your product I suppose technically no, you're not advertising.
I have several wedding venues that have me on their recommended vendor list - is that advertising? Yep, absolutely it is. It's not paid advertising, but it's still promoting my business, ins't it?

So they don't advertise, huh?
How I Spread the Word - I had no money to advertise, so I hit the road. For the entire first year, I did in-store rallies about Spanx with the sales associates, and then stayed all day introducing customers to Spanx. I became notorious for lifting up my pant leg to every woman walking by.

Sorry, but traveling around doing in-store demos IS ADVERTISING! It is PROMOTING your business/brand to prospective customers. It is no different that doing a bridal show or having a display in a bridal shop.

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