Raising the Sony Flash overheating issue again

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Re: I was amazed by Metz when they demonstrated

Michael Fritzen wrote:

Are those numbers from the manual? I don't know the Sony units but as far as I understand the OP and others who commented on Sony flashes they stop working at a (un)certain point. From the Metz units I owned and I own I know what the manual says but that far I've not had the flash stop working. One burnt the diffusor from inside in the WA position where the bulb is closest to the diffusor but it didn't stop firing. If that's better or worse is a different question. And it's a possibility that my experiences are due to the usage, required power output and building up of inside heat which never reached those critical levels.

Yes, those are the manufacturer stated maximum duty rates..

And all I can say from using the SB910 and F58 side by side in tricky conditions, the F58 was very good, and only overheated once for me, compared to twice for the SB910 in similar conditions.. In both cases, I was very much using them flat out and in reasonably quick succession, and they where very hot to the touch..

I know Nikon allows the temp sensor to be turned off, but I'd rather not risk meltdown!

I don't know if some F58's are more sensitive to others, or the temp sensor is poorly positioned such that battery temps or direct sun heating the case causes it to trip early, or if people just don't realise a GN58 flash creates a ton of heat in use, and are expecting too much from this class of flash..

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