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Stacey you got to me kidding-- all the advantages of your new gear sounds just what I can do with my E5 and my Olympus 2.0 lenses. I don't understand why you didn't just buy a E5 and some Olympus 2.0 lenses or Leica 1.4. I shoot Raw and process in Apple Aperture and it is a breeze. I also own my great E1 but it is not ever in the same league as my E5.

Why not just drop a ton of cash on f2 lenses and ignore the fact that there isn't a healthy thriving system to use them on!?

massive 2nd hand market

massive 3rd party support

global system support

progression of technology

specialty lenses such as tilt and shifts

FF option
the list goes on and on as to why someone would switch to nikon(or canon). . .what I don't understand is why people stay with a system that does not give them the results they want and instead of using the right tool for the job they stay and moan and groan about how olympus should release new gear for such a paltry crowd. The people that still use the 4/3 mount are less than half percent of the market. If you still like the gear and believe it serves you well then that's great but lets be a little open to what someone elses needs are and the reality of how dire the 4/3 situation has become.

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