Okay, which software?

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Re: Okay, which software?

kormendi_adam wrote:

You wrote: "Tiny little picture, no autohide panels."

It should be a single panel all the way up and down the right side, not the goofy sliding window with the tiny buttons.

That is how rumors start. Just hit P and you can edit your images in full screen mode with autohide panels.

I coud go on and on, such as no one click zoom, no scroll, no grab and move, the sliding "new step" window as opposed to a right panel with full customization with steps in logical order top to bottom, no film strip, no gallery, no batch import worth anything, no synch up a selected group, no double click a slider to zero, etc.,etc.

Face it guys, Nik doesn't care.  Now that Google has snapped them up for the Snapspeed app, CNX2 is even further on the back burner than it has been, which was way, way back.  They'll probably never come out with fully revamped version 3, which all and sundry agree is years overdue.  I bought it for the good things it can do with a D7000 raw, but for $179, I expect updates on a regular basis and a smooth and fast user interface with as few clicks as possible.  It's just a bad investment at this point.

Again, Capture NX2 is the best software for Nikon RAW files if you know how to use it.

This is camera dependent. For the D7000, I'll agree, CNX2 is an excellent conversion, but for the D800e, it's terrible.  They obviously put no effort at all into engineering an artifact-free conversion.  ACR is just about perfect using the defaults:


As well, Process 2012 is the fastest, easiest and most interactive set of controls yet conceived by the mind of man.  Truly impressive management of highlights and shadows.  Lightroom's sharpening is worlds better as well, for those who need it. Neither program has good noise reduction, but LR will host Topaz Denoise, so case closed there.

I know, it is very fashionable to use Lightroom, but Lightroom is a one-size-fits-all solution compared to the tailor-made solution Capture NX2 offers to Nikon shooters.

There is not one thing that CNX2 does as well, other than ADL, which LR will not read and which I don't usually use.

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