AF performance D600 vs. D800

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J Mankila
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I'm probably not any more wrong than you... :)

olyflyer wrote:

Some of your conclusions are wrong but every system has advantages and disadvantages. The wireless control is indeed available in the D800. The conclusion about vibrations is wrong. A heavier camera offers more stability, and I think the effects of vibrations would be just as visible in a 24MP camera as in a 36MP.

First of all, as you said, the difference in mass isn't that great. Second, the D800 has a faster mirror and shutter mechanism (as revealed by the mirror blackout times and minimum flash shutter speed). I've read reports on this forum that the D800 is indeed susceptible to shutter vibration. It was the Japanese guy, whose name I can't remember, who provided links to Japanese tests.

The D600 is quieter because it is more plastic.

Heheh. Or it might be the different mirror and shutter mechanisms. Plastic inherently doesn't absorb vibrations as much as transmit them forward - soft metal should do better.

..... The D600 is no doubt lighter if weight is a problem, but that's a direct disadvantage with heavier lenses and weight difference advantages are reduced (less impact) with heavier lenses. After all, 140g is not the whole world.

There are instances where any reduction in size and weight is an advantage. I wouldn't put much stress on the weight difference, but the smaller size of the D600 (very similar to my trusty D70) is a plus whenever I'm doing active sports or hiking in the woods with other gear. My favourite, small Lowepro bag (connected to my belt) was on the limit with the D70 (without a camera plate), so I wouldn't probably try to fit a D800 in there. Granted, larger bags are cheap relative to the price of the camera, but it would flop round more. As I said, the compact size is an advantage that is partially determined by one's camera bag preferences.

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