K01 is a brick with a lens

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Re: K01 is a brick with a lens

JoeDaBassPlayer wrote:

What hurts the K 01 is that it is different. A lot of DSLR buyers are stuck in that film SLR vibe. The K 01 is more like a rangefinder.

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You're 100% right. The camera market is tragically conservative. Even cameras which do well - like the Nikon 1 series - aren't understood by most enthusiasts.

The K-01 can stand on three of its flat sides without a tripod. Even with a larger lens being able to stabilize the camera by pushing down on it makes it much easier to get good shots in low light.

People seem hung-up on how big cameras are to carry, not their size in use. Like many I find a lot of small cameras too small. Too small to hold easily, too fiddly to be used fast. The Sony NEX line shows that it's really the sensor size which determines the size of your rig, not the size of the body. Lenses only shrink so far without compromise and who wants to use slow, mediocre lenses out of choice?

Best of all a K-01 allows you to save money buy buying full-frame lenses. When you move to a full-frame body your lens investment lives on. You can't say that with any other mirrorless solution aside form Leica. With the body as cheap as it is today, and with that superb sensor, it makes the K-01 by far the best value in the market.

The K-01 isn't perfect but those who don't understand it really don't understand it.

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