Attempting Rembrandt Style Lighting

Started Nov 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
rpenmanparker Contributing Member • Posts: 648
Regarding the hat: What would Rembrandt say?

Funny thing is most of Rembrandt's subject were indeed wearing hats.  If you look at a selection of these subjects, however, you will see that the hats were usually without a brim or long protrusion over the front and were generally pushed back from the key lighted side to give the face more exposure.  It is hard to get a Rembrandt type effect with a baseball cap that is designed not just to cover the head, but principally to shade the face.  Not just that, but pulled down low.  I read what you said about liking the hat but have to tell you, it isn't consistent with Rembrandt style lighting.  If you are trying so hard to get a specific effect, why are you intent on doing something that makes it impossible? I think it would make more sense to learn the simple lighting scheme first, then add the props that may or may not require special treatment.


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