your bet on when new d800 firmware drops and contents?

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Re: I just want photos taken in Live View to write to the BUFFER and NOT the CF card.

olyflyer wrote:

Nikon Sweden did when I reported this bug originally. To confirm my bug report they put the camera in Live View and CH, tested and reported back that there is no problem, the D800 fires off at 4fps. Just that they forgot one tiny issue... which is that in Live View, CH mode is pointless because there is no view finder image between the shots, unlike in shots taken with the OVF.

Which leads us (sorry, could not resit ;-)) to a suspect that the shooting buffer is used to display the image on the LCD in single shot mode, while it is used as a buffer in CH mode.

Whether Nikon can do both at the same time, that is the question. The buffer is definitely large enough to hold both LiveView display data and buffered shots, but there might be a HW issue with accessing the buffer memory, in a way that it is either display or the processor accessing the memory, and that mutually exclusive. Who knows.


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