What skylight filter should I get to protect my news lens

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Re: What skylight filter should I get to protect my news lens

Alastair Norcross wrote:

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I just got a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens and want to get a skylight filter to protect it. Any recommendations? 1A multicoated? Is there one brand or model that's better than others?

I look forward to your advice.


Regardless of whether or not you get a filter, to protect the lens (and improve the image quality) you should get a lens hood. I use hoods, and I only use filters if I want an effect (Circular Polarizer) or in conditions where the front element is likely to get affected by something (yellowstone is a good example, as would be an area with blowing sand like a beach or desert in the wind).

The 24-105 comes with a hood. Canon supplies hoods with all their L lenses.

Ok, I guess I should have said, "...you should use a lens hood..." instead of "...you should get a lens hood...".  However, just because it came with one when new doesn't mean that the OP still has the one that came with the lens when it was new.  But the fact that they do come with them, and I see so many people walking around using L lenses without them, does reinforce that fact that I should have said "you should USE a lens hood".  Many people who have them don't use them, so it doesn't matter if the OP gets one.  It only helps if they use it.  So, I guess you got me. Congratulations.

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