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Re: More Pictures

Hi Hoosh,

Thank you for your comments!

The weird shadow falloff is natural so I don't know what's weird about it. I could crop my shadow out but in this case showing that I was there and leaving it full frame is my decision.

I am Australian and I haven't been back to Melbourne in a couple of years. I am entitled to walk around where I need to get some errands done and I shoot when I can wander a bit.

And as I live in North Carlton I assure you that many of the photos were taken in the same suburbs you mentioned. And I don't see why a tourist popular location should not count as being essentially Melbourne. Is St. Kilda beach not worthy of any attention because backpackers go?

For that I hope to see your collection as you seem to be the authority on what best represents Melbourne. Western suburbs, gentrification, working class life...seriously?

I just share a bunch of photos and you were expecting a life's work?


500px / Gerald Gay / Tripping Melbourne

hoosh wrote:

I think this photo is great (except for the weird shadow falloff on the left, and the silhouette of yourself on the ground... it looks like someone holding up a camera anyway)

Comments on the content (not technical aspects) of your photos: I lived in Melbourne for about 10 years though and I don't think your other photos are a good representation of street life there AT ALL. That graffiti-ed alleyway is a popular tourist and wedding (as one of your photos illustrates) photography spot and St Kilda is also where all the backpackers or those out for a boozy night out go. Sorry, for street/documentary there places to go that give far more insight: down to the suburbs, the surf beaches, the urban coffee shops, urban built up areas like Port Melbourne, Brunswick/North Fitzroy/Carlton etc. Even that's a snapshot, also need western suburbs, gentrification and working class life, and other aspects.

I think it's hard to do street/doco work without a lot of pre-research or living in a place for a while. Suggest for your next trip you think about this.

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