LX7 for $299, is there an issue???

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Re: LX7 for $299, is there an issue???

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Errm, they seem to be quite a few people who have returned their LX7s due to various issues and that is just from reading this forum. Is the LX7 really ready for market, or are they still getting their QC right, hence the low price point?

I really doubt the recent sale price has anything to do with QC.

As far as I know the Sony`s , Fuji`s, and Oly`s also had their share of returns for various issues. It`s just the way things are .

However , The only way you`d actually know with an undeniable certainty is to buy one and judge for yourself.

The one I bought from B&H for $299 is as good as a new camera gets. The lens is perfectly centered and tack sharp. No problems whatsoever.

Now you can either jump on an exceptionally terrific bargain and bask in the glory knowing you have the latest and greatest or you can try to convince yourself the LX7 has issues and forever kick yourself in the a$$ for passing up one of the best deals you could ever expect to get on a top performing compact camera.

Don't get me wrong, if I could buy an LX7 for $299 I would upgrade from my LX5. I'm just surprised by the number of posts on this forum from people with issues with their brand new LX7s. It doesn't mean all LX7s are bad, but I can't understand why so many people are reporting problems with the thumbwheel - how can QC miss that?

The thumbwheel implementation could be better IMO. I found it to be fidgety but after a while I got used to it and it works OK. The old joy stick on the LX3 was also figety.

Every camera has it`s warts and the LX7 isn`t perfect either. I understand the RX100 has it`s share of issues too but you live with the minor niggles and warts when everything else about the camera is so good.

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