give and take some info on K-5 avi video (re)format

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Re: give and take some info on K-5 avi video (re)format

I've been working with video most of my life, so maybe I can offer some advice.
AVC is just generic software and plenty of others like it exist. There is really no reason to use it, unless someone really doesn't know where to start. This is actually a problem with Windows when you compare it with Mac or Linux - too much (crappy/generic) software available. Where as in Linux or Mac, there seems to be a "subconscious" expected quality standard, the Windows world is like a jungle and anything goes.
When you look for software for Windows, often you can't just google something and give it a try. Usually you end up with low quality, generic mommy's basement freeware or something that's very often bundled with crapware or even spyware.
I am not saying that AVC specifically is junk. But it is generic, and nothing special really, and lots of other software just like it exist.
Also in Windows, the word "freeware" should raise a red flag. A big percentage of freeware is just crap in disguise. You are better off looking for open source instead of freeware, since these are actually free (free to use any way you like), and usually coded to a much higher standard than freeware. There are of course, some exceptions, like ImgBurn for example, which is great freeware, but it is certainly the exception, not the norm.
The best way is to look at technical forums to see what others are using, and give it a try that way.
"Alternative to" is also a good place to browse... It also makes it easy to pick the open source stuff.
Anyway, back to your question.
There are 3 main pieces of software I'd recommend in your case, all open source:
1. AviDemux
2. HandBrake
3. VirtualDub
AviDemux is the one that seems the best fit to you. It will convert anything to anything, or even just change container without touching / recompressing the content (select "copy" as the codec). Avidemux (and VirtualDub) will also allow you to edit footage, and do a lot of other stuff, but you can just use them as a basic converter too. VirtualDub is a bit harder to use, and might often complain about codecs and formats, depending on how your codecs are installed. AviDemux doesn't care about the installed codecs, as it uses its own (a bit like VLC)
HandBrake is just a converter and the most recommended for easy, general use these days. A few versions back though they gave up on converting to AVI (just "to", not "from"), only doing MP4 and MKV now...
So back to your AVI problem. Try AviDemux. It should open it with no problems... If it doesn't, then I'd be very interested in helping you out myself with this...

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