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**** UPDATE #2 ****

An updated tutorial, now it is easier...

-Download and install Argyll + dispcalGUI
-I installed argyll to c:\argyll and dispcalGUI to c:\Argyll\dispcalGUI\
(better *not* to use version number for directory name)
-For some instruments Argyll driver must be installed, check here

Here a video showing how to install Argyll driver for Spyder 3 in Windows 7

-dispcalGUI should run as administrator (Windows vista/7/8)
Click with the right mouse button over C:\Argyll\dispcalGUI\dispcalGUI.exe go to
Properties>Compatibility> and enable “Run this Program as an administrator”

-First time you run dispcalGUI.exe, go to Menu>File>Locate Argyll CMS executables
point to c:\Argyll\bin\ (remember, I used NO version in directory name)

-Go to menu>Options and enable "Show advanced calibration options"
set dispcalGUI like this

Click in “Calibrate & profile”

-Put the calibration device over the spot and click in "Start measurement"

-Click in “Whitepoint/White level”

Wait 5 seconds and Click in “Start measurement”
Using the monitor RGB channels, try to make 6500 with the smallest delta(all 3 colored bars with the same size) and adjust the monitor brightness to +- 120 to 160 cd/m2, as I work into a dim environment I prefer 120 cd/m2, when you have the desired values, click in “Stop measurement” and “Continue on to calibration”
OBS, notebook users probably will not have the option to change the RGB channels, so just adjust the brightness. For the contrast most of the time is best to leave at the factory default.
When the process finish, install the profile...

To verify the result, go to menu Tools>Verify profile, open the verify.ti1 and save with any name.
Can also use:

Consider reading the dispcalGUI documentation
Also look at the review sites like http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews.htm
or http://www.prad.de/en/monitore/reviews.html
to see how they calibrated their units for optimum results.

Here some interesting links about Tips on choosing a monitor and Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012

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