Canon EOS 6D v. Nikon D600 - from a real world standpoint, not paper stats!

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Re: No agonizing!! The Nikon D600 is the much better camera according to many Canon users!!

rrccad wrote:

MichaelIsGreat4 wrote:

In full honesty to you, without being a fanboy of either Canon and Nikon, considering for instance the features, the Nikon D600 is a much better camera than the Canon 6D.

Here are a few points:

>>> 100% viewfinder for the Nikon instead not full 100% for the Canon.

>>> 5.5 fps for the Nikon instead of 4 fps for the Canon.

>>> full HDMI video output for the Nikon and not available on the Canon.

>>> 2 card slots for the Nikon instead of only 1 card slot for the Canon.

>>> 39-point auto-focus for the Nikon instead of 11-point auto-focus for the Canon.

>>> built-in flash for the Nikon and not available on the Canon.

>>> possibility to use a crop factor at 1.5x for the Nikon and not available on the Canon.

>>> and more for the Nikon.

These few points alone should automatically lean you toward the Nikon D600 without any hesitation of any kind.

The "advantages" for the Canon 6D compared to the Nikon D600 that are no advantages at all is Wifi and GPS on the Canon 6D built-in but they are also available on the Nikon D600 as options to add later on if you want them.

But that is just the features. On the Nikon D600, the auto-focus, the metering, the flash system, and more are much more reliable than on the Canon 6D.

Many Canon users posting on this forum have already clearly stated that the Nikon D600 is the much superior camera compared to the Canon 6D. Those who say the contrary are simply not rational at all (fanboys usually).

The choice is yours!!

of course, I notice you left out the fact that the 6D has superior AEB, actually has full manual control while shooting video, is smaller and lighter than the D600 (which is important to the OP), and the fact that the D600 as far as I know can't use both the GPS and the wifi at the same time (they both require the accessory port), and while the D600 may have HDMI full output, it's not full screen (surrounded by letterboxing) - not to mention the 6D is 4.5fps, not 4fps.

but then again, why let things such as a balanced feature comparison get in the way of your atypical postings in the canon forum.

Even after ignoring MichaelIsGreat4 I can't get away from his constant Nikon trolling.... *sigh* anyway to ignore posts that reply to ignored users....?

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