AF performance D600 vs. D800

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J Mankila
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'Better' is an opinion...

olyflyer wrote:

..... Never the less, I am also sure that the D600 is also a nice camera, just that the D800 is better. Whatever you or I prefer is a different question.

I agree that mostly, the D800 is the better of the two. However, the D600 has pluses over the D800, also. First, critical manual focusing in liveview is easier due to better image quality at high magnifications. Second, controlling external flashes with the integrated flash is easier due to the commander mode, which the D800 curiously lacks while the D4 also has it. From the reports it sounds like the shutter vibration is smaller with the D600 - mirror vibration is less of an issue due to techniques provided to sidestep it (and in any case, the effects of these two vibration sources probably won't reduce the resolution below that of the 24MP sensor). The D600 quiet mode is noticeably quieter than that of D800. And finally, the D600 is noticeably lighter and smaller, which is a bonus that can be claimed through the choice of the camera bag.

All these characteristics and features can be important for different uses. Conversely, I could come up with a similar list for the D800 pluses. The objective differences are there only to guide our true, subjective opinion.

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Janne Mankila, Finland

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