Walk-around lens for NEX?

Started Dec 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
Zamac Senior Member • Posts: 1,216
Re: Walk-around lens for NEX?

FWIW: On my A-mount I use the CZ1680 and on my NEX-7 I use the Sig 30 for walk about. The 16-80 is, for me, the ideal walk-about range. The 30mm - takes me back to my first range-finder with a fixed 45mm lens - is a good lens and cropping can give one more of a tele angle-of-view, but there is little one can do to make it wider.

I have tried the CZ on the NEX, but it is just too bulky.

So I wait for the promised quality mid-range zoom. For the wide end 16 rather than 18 is essential - the tele end is less important, but I would like 80 or 70 (the classic 120 and 105 FOVs). A walk-about lens is almost by definition a bright light lens (note I did say almost), so I don't want the weight/size penalty that would come with a very fast lens or a constant 2.8

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