your bet on when new d800 firmware drops and contents?

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Re: your bet on when new d800 firmware drops and contents?

olyflyer wrote:

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earlgreyhot wrote:

oh c'mon. nothing needs to be fixed? AF-C studders? what about things that arent "fixes" but are more likeenhancements like D4 style movie record button reassignment?

Historically Nikon has a record of not providing enhancements to DSLR cameras via firmware update.

I thought they did provide enhancements for the D70, the D2h and the D2x no?

The only new feature I know of which came through a firmware release was the Pixel mapping feature in the Nikon 1. Perhaps I am wrong, but I don't know anything other than bug fixes.

In the case of D800 the bug which I think should be fixed is the two live view bugs. I don't know any other bug in that camera. New features are nice but I think those will come in a new body, a D800s or whatever it will be called. Anyway, I think bug fixes are more important than new features.

Maybe those LV bugs would be fixed by the hope I did for the new D800's FW ... making a video, Nikon1 can do 9 pictures without stops the video.

And about enhancements, I remember the NEF file in the Coolpix 5400.

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