XZ-1 question re getting accurary of "reds"

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Re: Are those your settings in all conditions? Indoor only, outdoor too?

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I mostly like my XZ-1 and have many Oly cameras. However, I am having trouble getting true "reds" out of my XZ-1. What are the forum members favorite setting of "A" and "G" adjustments?

I am at A -2 and G +1 right now, but the reds are still too warm. Thx for any suggestions. My web searches of XZ-1 best settings often suggest Raw, but I shoot JPEG (occasionally PP with Nik or Corel Pro). Certainly I have no trouble with E-PL1 or E-P2 reds.


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I'm using A=-3 and G=+/-0 with very good results. Having experimented quite a lot after getting the cam in Feb 2011 I've eventually arrived at those settings and never since changed them.


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My tests for finding the best setting - with "auto" white balance - have been made outdoors. The targets were typical sceneries with all kind of colours, contrasts and details. BTW: these tests also displayed nothing what could be called "smeering".

For indoor shots the same settings are used and the colours always are very pleasing with no "red"-problems.



apologies for veering off-topic; any help would be appreciated.

is there a setting you found for getting deeper blues(eg, the sky) using A and G? would be best if A is kept at -3, of course

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