questions about sigma lenses

Started Dec 12, 2012 | Questions thread
Pitbullo Contributing Member • Posts: 524
Re: questions about sigma lenses

Here is a test of the Sigma 70-200 vs the Canon counterpart:

When it comes to macro, you cant go wrong, and the Sigma 105mm is to my knowledge very very good. I have the Canon 100mm macro, without IS, and I shoot alot of handheld. However, I dont miss the IS, but mabye II dont know what I`m missing I use a flash to avoud camera shake. In my mind, IS on a macro lens is useful when shooting other things, like portraits etc.

Edit: When shooting close to 1:1 macro, DOF is very shallow, and stopping down is often a way nessacery. When doing so, you need extra light anyway, so flash is quite handy when doing macro. However, not a requirement, just a tip

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